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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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do they think they have chavez surrounding them? >> they hope so, anyway. but again, we've been here since earlier today, and right now, as we reported at 5:00, they used tear gas in in the search we're waiting for a progress report on what happened from that. as you can see from the scene behind me. they have koit drive bottled up. a search team is looking for the escaped inmate. this is what it looked like earlier in the day, when there was a person inside. we were told that person was uncooperative, would not come out. that's what led to the stand-off. we can't talk about what tactics or options are being considered, officers have told us someone is still inside. this search follows the capture of the other inmate we were talking about, who escaped last
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wednesday. lou wan campbell was spotted in antioch and traced to his sister's home. last night, the u.s. marshall's service and antioch police went into the home of markeisha alexander. the 6'4", 220 pound man fell and crashed through the ceiling on to the floor in front of the officers. campbell was brought back to the jail, his sister was also kbrout in and booked on aiding and abetting. and harboring a fugitive. now, similar charges were also filed against emily in a courtroom in morgan hill just a few hours ago, investigators say baka has acknowledged driving chavez around, and helped him avoid capture. the sheriff's office narrow ly missed him. chavez is still at large. we're here to find out if chavez is the focus of the search going
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on here in east san jose. we will stay on the scene until we know for sure. reporting live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> we will check back with you in the newscast. a major problem on 580 following a shooting. look down below, you can see all that traffic backed up for miles. that was just a short while ago, here's the good news now, within the past hour, all eastbound lanes of 580 in oakland have reopened. our nbc chopper getting these scenes, where a man and a woman were shot. they're now in stable condition. this happened just after 3:00 near the fruit veil exit. the freeway, 580 eastbound is now back open. we've been updating the breaking stories throughout the evening, both on air and online. and will continue to do so. you have the latest on our free nbc bay area app. you must have felt it, raindrops in the bay area today. want to show you video from san
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francisco. can you see there lots of umbrellas. jeff ranieri is tracking what's left of this storm. how much can we expect? >> not a lot more over the next 2 to 3 hours. this storm system is on its last leg as it continues to move off to the south. plenty of cloud cover will continue to linger tonight. spotty showers we're seeing here, at least consistent has been consistent across the 580 corridor. rainfall totals, not impressive at all. 500th of an inch. san francisco 6/100 of an inch. another change coming to the forecast as we head into tomorrow. high pressure building out here to give us clear weather. we'll talk more about this and the next chance of rain is expected to return in 12 minutes. >> thank you, jeff, we'll see you then. and you can stay ahead of the wet weather. all you need is our free nbc bay area app. we'll know if it's going to be rainy or sunny where you live. you can use our live doppler
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radar as well. >> accusations of an on campus sexual assault, involving two prominent catholic schools in the east bay. a 15-year-old boy from day lasalle high has been arrested. aleash kirschner joins us from concord this evening. these are serious allegations. what are the details? >> very serious, raj, sources here tell me the 15-year-old suspect was a football player on the freshman squad. it apparently occurred somewhere here on campus behind me during a game involving the nationally ranked varsity team. they were playing under the lights on the football field here on november 18th. crowds cheered, de lasalle high school football team on home turf, the nationally ranked team beat clayton valley high, sometime after the spartans varsity team won the november 18th game.
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police say a 15-year-old de lasalle freshman football player sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. >> on the campus after a football game. >> it allegedly happened on campus, and the suspect and victim were attending the game. >> after an investigation was conducted. we made an arrest of a de lasalle student. >> the suspect is charged with sexually assaulting the girl, who is also a freshman at the all girls private school located next door. >> we are aware of the allegations, they came to our attention last week. >> school administrators certainty out this note, alerting parents that the girl reported the assault to the principal three days after the alleged incident. they contacted authorities. >> out of respect for the investigation and the privacy of our students. we don't have further comment at this point. >> students told us off and on camera, that the incident at the renowned high school is
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extremely worrisome. >> it's not the example we set here at de lasalle. >> administrators tell me, that counselors were made available for anyone who needed extra support here on campus. meanwhile, police say this is an isolated incident. there are no other victims. reporting live from concord tonight, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> we learned that two more people have been sickened in antioch, in a case believed to be linked to a community thanksgiving meal. three people have died, 16 others seriously ill. all the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall. it was an organized event by the golden hills kmubt church. what is still unclear is what the victims were suffering from. tests have come back negative for several food bourne diseases including salmonella, e. coli and nor row virus. >> more than three weeks since the presidential election, and the impact stretches to a south bay school district.
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many of those parents are pulling their kids from school for fear of being deported. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is in the bay area with details and possible solutions. damian. >> it's fair to say, there is no concrete data yet, they know students are staying at home. and they want to put parents at ease. >> most of the post election fear is being seen. it's where school counselor's say a student shared a heart breaking story on november 9th. >> my parents are packing, we're leaving. their lives from one moment to the 234e67next changed. >> there's a fear of deportation in a donald trump administration has spread. she will now go to them. the superintendent will begin conducting home visits during the holidays to put parents at ease. trying to convince them the
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schools are safe places. this is a very confidential personal matter. >> you open your doors to one of those meetings? >> yes. >> he's an apparent leader in alum rocks, the district can hold one of its informal gatherings with parents in a living room. a place where parents can feel more at safe and ease. >> they're thinking of pulling their kids from school? >> dr. bauer says schools have to give middle schoolers a crash course in civics so they can better understand how an election works and how laws are passed. >> the superintendent says she needs to assure parents their kids are safe with her in alum rock. >> the school district receives about $10,000 per student per year from the state. the superintendent says it's not about the money. it's about keeping kids in school learning. >> we're in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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we're learning more about that disturbing abduction investigation. involving a mother from reading. sheriff's deputies are working to create sketches of the two women suspected in the abduction. she went missing october 2nd we'll jogging near her home no redding. she was left on a highway thanksgiving day. she was branded by her abductors. the private investigator shared his reaction to hearing sherry was found alive. >> when you do look at the cases where someone is missing for an extended period of time. especially 20 plus days. it becomes less and less likely that they're going to find the person alive. than when i found out that she was alive, i was ecstatic. >> she described one of her abductors as a young woman with long curley hair. the other is an older woman, with long straight hair and thick eyebrows. he told deputies, the women had
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a gun and they spoke spanish. >> your phone may be letting in dangerous intruders. a smart phone flaw that impacts about a million google users. scott bud man joins us with key information we need to know if you use google. >> if you have a google account and an android smart phone, you're susceptible to a malwear attack. close to a million of its users have been affected by malware. once infected the malware can allow hackers to access your personal information and download other apps. >> most of the users are outside of the u.s. now, the malware found its way into the accounts through dozens of corrupted android phone apps. going et's best advice, change your password and be extra careful about which apps you're downloading, we'll keep you posted. >> thank you very much, scott.
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new consequences, actions just taken by the government against the construction company linked to that deadly balcony collapse. a north bay football team is under investigation for alleged acts of hazing that may have gone too far. i'm jodi hernandez in napa, where police are trying to get to the bottom of it. starting to clear out in san francisco. a beautiful night and currently 52 degrees, we'll talk more about how long things stay dry. and that next possibility of some rainfall at 6:19.
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♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for,
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we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. back to breaking news in san jose. that's where sheriff's deputies have surrounded a want to take you back to our breaking news. sheriff's deputies have surrounded a neighborhood as s.w.a.t. team as well, near blossom hill as they search for an escaped inmate. the stakeout started about four hours ago. the s.w.a.t. team and deputies are looking for chavez. he's one of four who escaped from the santa clara county main jail a week ago. >> two inmates caught right away. the third inmate was captured late last night at his sister's home in antioch. they're looking to see if the person inside this home is chavez. the s.w.a.t. members have sent tear gas in to see if they can smoke him out. again, this is happening in the
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neighborhood near blossom hill. we'll continue to bring you updates if anything changes. we'll take you back to the scene immediately. >> keeping with big game tradition or going too far. the napa high school football team is being investigated for hazing. this stems from the rivalry game from napa and vintage high schools. jodi hernandez is in napa this evening with the details. jodi? >> i'm told this entire community gets into football festivities leading up to the big game between napa's two rival high schools. napa high's football team may have engaged in hazing, that could be criminal. >> it's a fun rivalry, and nobody wants this type of thing to take place. >> what took place in the weeks leading up to napa high's big game this year and last may have gone too far. napa police say they're invest getting some alleged assaults
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involving napa high's football players. >> it's a hazing ritual that's related to the napa high school team. >> police are interviewing witnesses and trying to identify possible offenders and victims. but so far, don't have many details on what may have taken place. >> none of the assault injuries required emergency intervention. we're looking into what degree of the assault is going on. >> napa valley school district says they too have an investigation underway. the safety of their students is their top priority. >> we have a zero tolerance policy, like a lot of school districts do, about bullying and hazing both. we don't allow it in our school. >> napa police are asking anyone with information to come forward. they are hoping that their investigation will be thorough and swift. reporting live in napa, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a police officer brutally
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attacked by a man with a skateboard is tonight out of icu. he suffered a severe head injury last week, when a man allegedly creating a disturbance attacked him with a skateboard. the suspect was caught, he's been identified by his lawyer as luis ramos. defense attorneys are waiving arraignment for a psychological evaluation instead. the go fund me page has been set up to help him and his family during this difficult time. berkeley's balcony collapses. the east bay construction company that built the complex could be weeks away from losing its license. six people were killed when the balcony gave way. the license board is moving to suspend or terminate their license opinion if they fail to respond within 15 days, they will forfeit their license.
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the supreme court heard oral arguments in a major immigration case today. our investigative unit has been tracking the story. at issue, whether or not immigrants held in detention should be guaranteed a bond hearing. a federal appeals court already ruled that detained immigrants are entitled to a hearing, every six months they're in custody, including those with criminal records. the u.s. government appealed that decision. the lawsuit comes after years of increased immigration detentions and a rising federal immigration court backlog. >> it was brought to the aclu on behalf of a thousand immigrants. it comes before the court, at an interesting time. the supreme court is still down one justice following the death of antonin scalia earlier this year. president-elect trump has promised to increase deportations when he takes office in january. we've spent several years covering the growing immigration debate. you can see more of our coverage just go to our website, nbc bay
6:19 pm and click on the investigations tab. good news tonight for thousands of california national guard troops who were ordered by the pentagon to pay back reenlistment bonuses. >> they want the repayments to be waived. the bonus was offered troops a decade ago as an incentive to reenlist during the height of the war in iraq and afghanistan. >> officials realized the troops weren't eligible for the money. and believe it or not they were asked to pay it back. congress will begin voting today's agreement this friday. stop feeding the coyotes, that's the message from neighbors in one san francisco community. this is the bernal hill coyote. people are giving the coyote food. the coyote is losing some of her natural fear of humans, it's been witnessed approaching people likely for more food. the humane society says human food is bad for the coyote, and feeding wildlife can spread
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disease to household pets. let's turn things over to jeff. pretty heavy downfall in some parts. >> it was. it didn't accumulate a whole lot. this is a quick blast here, light to moderate rain. we get a look at your micro climate weather right now, dry roads across palo alto. 52 degrees. you'll see temperatures drop down to the 40s once we hit 11:00 tonight. the cloud cover will linger into the early morning hours, what i want to show you is the future cast by tomorrow morning's commute, we are expecting clear skies from the north bay right on down to the south bay. the commute as we head to thursday morning looks better. the temperature is not going to budge a lot. santa rosa 61, half moon bay 56. livermore 60. how long does the dry trend last, you can see right up into this upcoming weekend. sunny weather expected for the
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interior valleys. temperatures in the low 60s. possibly a few scattered showers once we hit monday and tuesday. i'm hearing from a lot of you. you want to hear about the drought and what's happening with that. some of our early season rain we've had over the past two months has made a huge impact. we're out of the drought in the extreme northern california, oregon border. southern california still in an extreme to exceptional drought. the bay area doing pretty good considering where we have been just abnormally dry in the north bay, down the san francisco peninsula, that's the lowest level of drought. and still some moderate drought for the east bay. i'm back with another update in 25 minutes. >> we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. drone and dash? the 167 is on for these two men, who made off with high-tech toys in the south bay. =add=
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on twitter feed: kanye west was just released from the hospital. he was admitted last week right after can happening now, kanye west was just released from the hospital in l.a., he was admitted last week, right after cancelling the remaining shows of his national tour. on our facebook page, pg&e is getting a lot of backlash from customers in the south bay. they want to build a new power plan the in the south bay. could a text message -- save a
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life? caltrain is launching a potentially life-saving move could a text message save a life. cal drain is launching a potentially life saving mood in
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an effort to reduce suicide on the peninsula. crisis text blind, signs and other messages will be posted right there along the tracks, encouraging anyone to reach out via text message. a mother who lost her daughter to suicide earlier this year, says the service could be beneficial. >> sara was texting in the early hours on april 22nd when she died. with another friend, multiple times, she was preparing to die. if she had known about crisis text line, she could have reached out. >> anyone in need of help, can instantly start texting with a trained volunteer. text the word bay to 741741. a mad dash with stolen drones. two men robbed a hobby shop in san jose.
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this is sheldon's hobbies in blossom hill. the suspects which you can see right there were holding the drone. they have some questions about the devices and then boom, out the door they ran with the drones on them. >> i'm kind of disappointed, you know. it's kind of like the point where not enough to claim on your insurance, because you have the deductible, you have to eat the loss, obviously we're bummed about it. >> drones are worth $1,000 each. call san jose police if you see those guys with the drones somewhere. tragedy under the big top, a cirque du soleil technician killed as he was preparing for last night's san francisco show. why the cirque du soleil management is taking his death especially hard. we're staying on top of that breaking news in san jose. the s.w.a.t. team and sheriff's deputies continue to swarm a
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home. live updates from the scene next. sheriff's deputies continue to
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surround a home we go back to our breaking news, an escaped inmate inside a home. >> they're looking for that man who broke out of jail on thanksgiving eve in downtown san jose. robert honda has been on the scene for hours. any movement there? >> it is still a somewhat tense
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scene. after so many hours, it is a wait and see situation. you can see the scene behind me where the sheriff's department has tied up coy drive. inside a home here on this street. since then in the past hour or so, we have seen movement, but not any significant action can be seen from the outside, now, this is the way it looked a little earlier, when the sheriff's department says there was a person inside, who did not want to come out. and who is remaining inside at this point. we reported before this search started as a visit to a known associate of chavez, and what the search team is trying to determine right now, get the person inside is that associate or chavez or possibly just someone who doesn't want to come out or cooperate. >> that is what the situation is right now. we will stay on the scene until we can determine for sure what -- who and what the person inside is doing. robert honda, nbc bay area news.
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>> we'll continue to monitor the situation and get back to you. the headlines tonight, tragedy in the big top, at san francisco. we're learning the technician killed while setting up the cirque du soleil show last night is one of the companies -- the son of one of the company's founders. the community is in mourning tonight after losing one of its own. >> tonight's show has been cancelled as states investigators are trying to determine what went wrong. stephanie trung joins us there at at&t park where the show is being set up. stephanie? >> the shows have been cancelled two nights in a row. the message has not gotten around to everybody. a family from oakland just drove here, and drove away, being turned around, and that's what happened to a woman who walked here last night with these tickets in hand. she was turned away as well. she got a sinking feeling something terrible had happened.
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when amelia showed up, she was turned away along with hundreds of others. >> i think that was disappointing. a little girl was crying as she left. people understood immediately. technician olivier, the co-founder had died after being struck by a lift during show preparations. his love of the job was appar t apparent. capturing some of his favorite moments under and outside the big top. this is the third death for cirque du soleil since 2009. >> the investigation is a thorough process involving the collection of evidence on scene. physical evidence as well as
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multiple interviews, witnesses, employees, managers. >> i just can't even imagine what that must be like. >> flockhart is on vacation from denmark, she already rebooked her cirque tickets for next tuesday. >> anywhere you go, tragedy is struck, will be remembered. the show must go on. >> the show will go on tomorrow night, there's supposed to be two shows here, one at 4:30, one at 8:00, cirque du soleil has not made any announcement on the status of those shows. cal osha has up to 6 months to complete it. stephanie trung, nbc bay area news. >> difficult time for the folks there. police have made an arrest in a san bruno hit and run. crime happened at 2:00 in the morning. police say the suspect hit a pedestrians and then left the scene. a few hours after the crash, the accused driver was found and arrested. more than three weeks after
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the election, and president-elect donald trump has not held a news conference. that's about to change. today, he tweeted that he and his family will meet with reporters in two weeks to outlinemans to transfer control of his businesses. critics continue to ask how he plans to divest himself from a global empire that bears his name. >> number one, can he do it? number two, does he have it in him to do it? this is the guy who's tweeting at 3:00 a.m. >> trump's pick for treasury secretary. former goldman sachs executive spoke today. he says tax reform will be a top priority. also joining mr. trump's cabinet, wilbur ross as secretary of commerce. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep that title. today she was re-elected to the post. a post she held for 14 years. her position as minority leader was being changed by tim ryan.
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the number of house members who opposed her re-election. >> not what it means to me personally, but what it means to the american people. >> congressman ryan says he feels confident the democratic leaders got his message. they need to talk more about working class economics and less about social issues. opec has agreed to cut its oil production for the first time in eight years the cartel will cut 2 million barrels a day. oil prices increase. the move will take effect in january. you can now watch your favorite netflix shows on the go. today, netflix announced users
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can download content on their favorite phones or tablets. this means you can watch all your favorites offline on airplanes, subways or almost anywhere else at no extra cost. you have to update the netflix app and be connected to data or wifi while downloading. we found drones that you might be looking for. drones that fight in the air, they're coming to a store near you. scott bud man was among the first to fly them. >> it's the fight sure to get a lot of buzz this holiday season. x-wing, falcon and tie fighter battle drone. >> everyone wants to fly one. now they can. >> you can because drone maker propel is focusing on star wars. letting you fight with your smart phone. >> there's an app on your phone, and it registers, when you have a battle. it registers how many hits you
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got, how many kills you got, who you hit, who you killed. >> these drone pilots gave us a first look at a game that's actually how some people make their living. >> it's definitely a possibility. people can definitely make a living off of doing it. maybe more of a novelty for some. but for others, it can be serious, and there's a lot of competition to be had with it. >> they are pretty durable fighters, they go on sale friday. brook stone, best buy, bed bath and beyond, $240 each. the latest way to take your drone battle airborne. and maybe find a career at the same time. in san francisco, scott bud man, nbc bay area news. very interesting. up next, penalized for overpaying his property taxes. nbc bay area responds to a complaint filed by san francisco homeowner. plus, why the government says an illegal drug known for causing hallucinations could be the key to treating common
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battlefield injuries. back to the breaking news in san
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jose. last night -- they caught one of the escapees... right now - i want to go back to our breaking news in san jose. last night they caught one of the escapees, right now, they might have another. or -- there's live pictures now in san jose, you can see the police cars there, the s.w.a.t. team has surrounded a home, and secured a neighborhood. this is near coy park in san jose. you can see the home they've surrounded we are on the scene waiting for any updates. they're looking for that jail escapee, who escaped on
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thanksgiving eve. >> no ceo, he doesn't want guns in any of the levi apparel stores, office or any facility. he posted an open letter on linked in, saying a customer was injured in one of their stores after a gun accidentally went off. mdma, better known as ecstasy is known for creating feelings of euphoria. recent small scale studies suggested it might help people with posttraumatic stress disorder. the fab has just okayed the first full scale clinical 2r50i8 to allow the researchers to test this theory. >> an alarming shortage of teachers, what another survey is predicting for california schools. supply is not meeting demand. it is a nationwide problem, the research group says california is in worse shape than other states because of the higher
6:42 pm
cost of living and attrition. class sizes are getting a lot of the blame and scaring away potential new teachers. the greatest need is for those in the stem area of math, science and engineering. jeff ranieri is with us. it was a gray cold and kind of ugly day outside. >> you know, if you didn't happen to like that, we've gotten the flip thing happening tomorrow, plenty of blue skies back in the mix. napa right now, 51 degrees, those clouds hanging on into early tomorrow morning as temperatures drop to the 40s. how long the blue sky sticks around in a few minutes. >> he overpaid the government and thinks he's due a refund. is he? nbc bay area responds next.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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he was wrongfully it's about that time, december 10th is the deadline, nbc bay area responds to a san francisco man who says he was wrongfully penalized on his property tax bill. >> our consumer investigator is here with the story and a potential solution. chris? >> scott crawford inadvertently overpaid his property taxes by $20. the city sent the check back to scott. he mailed in a new check for the correct amount. problem solved. problem created. scott received a $586 fine. 10% of his bill, because the city didn't receive the correct amount within 10 days of the due date. scott didn't think that penalty was fair, so he reached out to us. when he contacted the city, it dropped the fine in a statement
6:46 pm
the city apologized and told us it's developing systems to ensure it doesn't happen again to other taxpayers. >> if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. >> thank you, chris. the smog filled air in china has gotten so bad, that people are now paying good money for a bottle of fresh air. bottles advertised as unpolluted air are now selling for about 291 in china. that's just under $32. $32. the bottles are less than 8 liters in size and claim to be filled with pure oxygen, rich air from new zealand and canada. one person who bought a bottle posted on the company's website and said, i don't feel much different. >> the lighting of that enormous christmas tree at 30 rock. rockefeller center in new york city. a sure sign the holidays are here, and every year as you might know, this whole ceremony
6:47 pm
is accompanied by music. the tonight show house band the roots were practicing last night. you can see it right here at 8:00. how about this? tony bennett, josh groban, sara mcglocklin and garth brooks. >> you love garth brooks. >> i love garth brooks. >> we'll be tuned in to light up the tree at 30 rock. >> i love sarah mcglocklin, but you love garth brooks. >> a little bit of wet weather for them. it's not going to step them for the tree lighting. we have lots of lights happening, christmas in the park. check out our high definition camera. the master control has zoomed in a little bit more. so you can see the tree down here at ceasar chavez park. 53 and a scattered shower in downtown san jose. temperatures eventually dropping to 49 degrees with a few clouds
6:48 pm
hanging on into the early morning hours. we get a look at doppler radar, there's nothing in terms of widespread measurable rainfall. that's moved off to the south, we're on the last leg of the system, a spotty shower the next two to three hours, tomorrow morning, we're going to clear out incredibly. an awesome start to your day, as we ahead throughout thursday morning. 44 and sunny skies. pen ens la a few clouds, the trivalley starts at 41. as cold as 31 degrees. micro climate forecast on your thursday forecast does have sunny skies all across the entire bay area, winds will pick up out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. that's the only thing, that's going to be comfortable, a little chilly when the wind kicks up. 61 expected in san jose. for the east bay, another bay with similar temperatures, no huge dramatic extremes here. 68 in antioch.
6:49 pm
throughout the peninsula, we'll find temperatures near 60 in palo alto. 60 in san mateo. half moon bay, 56. sunny skies in half moon bay. 58 across the embarcadero. for the north bay, we have 68 mill valley, 63 in sonoma. and 61 expected in santa rosa. there will be dry weather, persisting over the next 3 to 5 day period. the high pressure is starting to kick in. there is no way, no how we're going to see rainfall in the upcoming weekend. every single rainfall chance we have and keeping it in the pacific. when could we see that change? once we hit next monday, the possibility of some scattered showers moving on in and much colder temperatures, and that chance will linger likely into tuesday as well. again, next monday and tuesday, san francisco with a chance here spotty rainfall. you'll see for the interior
6:50 pm
valleys. morning lows possibly close to the freezing mark. as you look ahead toward next monday. all my gardners out there, that's the day, you want to cover up the sensitive plants. we'll have frost warnings in place, maybe even freeze warnings if we start to see those temperatures trend a little cooler. >> were you talking to me? i have to cover up some plants tonight. >> you are a gardner. the red-hot raiders are the talk of the nfl, what about the pinkie of star quarterback derek carr. yes, his pinkie.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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jose. its been nearly 7 hours... want to check in again to our breaking news in san jose. it's been nearly 7 hours, s.w.a.t. teams are there, and sheriff's deputies surrounding a home. this is near the blossom hill neighborhood of san jose. we're on the scene, as you can see the live cameras and reporters are standing by. the deputies and s.w.a.t. team surrounding that home, they believe that perhaps inside of that home is that jail escapee, the man who escaped from the santa clara main jail in downtown san jose on thanksgiving eve. they caught one of the escapees last night in antioch. they're hoping to catch the other escapee in san jose. we'll stay on the scene throughout the night. thanks but no thanks. chip kelly says he has no plans to return to his old college team. naturally kelly was asked if he had any interest in going back to where he had so much success. he intends to remain with the
6:54 pm
49ers and hopes everyone is done with the speculation. he lost only 7 games in the four years he coached in oregon. he's 1-10 so far in his first season with the niners. they all deny it now. all is good with the red-hot raiders. derek carr's pinkie is set to go this week. >> here's colin resch. >> watch his right hand. you knew it would be brought up today, the focus is on the finger. derek carr asked over and over about it, his answers, they make marshawn lynch very proud. >> it's great, thank you for asking. >> it's doing great. thank you. >> how's yours. >> no limitations, it's doing great, thank you. >> thank you for asking. >> carr, tongue in scheek about it, there was no hiding it later on in practice, and guess what,
6:55 pm
glove on once again, he was swinging it as usual. carr's greater concern, lorenzo alexand alexander. >> he's a professional, he's a great person off the field, and obviously i wish him the best besides this week. you know, but i'm not surprised because i know how hard he plays. the raiders pass rush specialist named afc defensive player of the week on wednesday after recording a sack, an interception a force fumble, a fumble recovery and a touchdown against carolina. the last player to do that in the same game, charles woodson in 2009. >> it's big. it's big, especially when you talk about being in the same category. this is crazy, knowing that you got that text from him after the game. that's what you're doing now? >> yeah, bro. >> if that's what you want me to do.
6:56 pm
>> we got a lot of work to do. >> in alameda, colin resch nbc bay area. they're rolling out the red carpet in sacramento tonight at the california hall of fame. that happened minutes ago, the 10th year for the induction ceremony. maria shriver was one of tonight's inductees. harrison ford and george takei. >> that's a big honor. one of the most notable people in the country. >> i love it. >> congratulations to all of them. thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
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it's on. sexy new photos of mariah carey all over her backup dancer. >> does this confirm they're officially a couple? now on "extra." ♪ ♪ kissing, hugging, frolicking in the waves. racy new photos of mariah and dancer bryan tanaka going public with their rumored relationship. hillary clinton's big surprise for katy perry. our new interview with katy. >> hi, again. >> a day after she was spotted wearing a possible engagement ring from orlando bloom. >> to have orlando come out and support you -- >> president-elect trump feasting like a king with


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